Winter Quarterly Report

Key Metrics

Data represents 1/1 – 3/27, in future reports we will compare data to previous quarters.


The term conversion is defined as someone who visits the contact page on the Waita website and the thank you page on the Ecuatraveling website. Please see the detailed analysis further below. 

Increase In Click-Through-Rates
0 %
Total Expenditure
$ 0
Impression Share
< 0 %

Website - Ecuatraveling

Average Spent On Site
0 sec
Engagement Rate
0 %
Conversion Rate
0 %

Website - Waita Lodge

Average Spent On Site
0 min
Engagement Rate
0 %
Conversion Rate
0 %

SEO - Ecuatraveling

I don’t have access to Google Search Console yet, but I did contact your website guy to give me access. 

Authority Score
0 K
Organic Clicks

SEO - Waita Lodge

I just set up this website on Google Search Console for you so we’ll have more insightful SEO data next quarter.

Authority Score
0 K
Organic Clicks

Social Media - Ecuatraveling

IG Followers
FB Followers
0 K
Tik Tok Followers
YouTube Subscribers

Social Media - Waita Lodge

IG Followers
FB Followers

Google My Business

Please share access to your Google MyBusiness Profiles to

It appears that Waita Lodge has not been properly set up yet so make sure to fill out the details in that profile. I am only going to access what appears to be the main profile even though there are two profiles. 

Ecuatraveling Reviews
Ecuatraveling Rating
Waita Reviews
Waita Rating


We are currently not using any automations but here is an example of how they could be useful: 

Tasks Automated
Total Zaps
Hours Saved
~ 0

My Top Observations

These are the top things I thought were worth mentioning. 

Here is an overview of the major changes made to the account along with a few notes about why or concerns related to them. 

  • paused all display campaigns for the time being
    • due to the limited budget these are a waste right now
    • best used for retargeting and when we have better data for targeting effectively
  • set up a $6/day budget for 5 different campaigns to work around the $1000/month
    • this will need to be changed at some point, $6/day is too little to work effectively
    • each campaign should ideally be around $20/day 
    • once we collect better data we can determine which campaigns to increase budgets
  • set all campaigns to only target exact match keywords for the time being until we can evaluate the effectiveness
    • we can switch to phrase match when budgets have been exhausted for exact match 
  • built an extensive list of negative keywords for the future of using other match types 
  • set all campaigns to prioritize clicks for a <$2.50 cpc
    • note: a few campaigns will underperform due to clicks costing $10+
  • fixed all the campaigns that had the wrong bidding strategies 
  • paused all keywords that didn’t have enough activity
  • set up basic conversion targeting
    • this is still being dialed in 
    • there was none prior
  • removed the specific final urls
  • built out all new ads for each campaign
    • an example is the day tour hike, you were getting a lot of wasted clicks because the ad copy didn’t accurately describe the service (hiking up a mountain is what seniors have in mind for a day tour) 


We can do a brief assessment of how these changes are helping the website. This is too small of a data sample to make any serious judgments but it does give some indicators of the performance. I am comparing the last 20 days (since the changes were finalized to the 20 days prior)

  • Galapagos Campaign
    • 25% increase in the interaction rate
      • suggests the ads are better 
    • 2.3% decrease in cost per click
      • not much but more effective spending
  • Day Tours
    • 4.16% decrease in the interaction rate
      • this is actually good because you were getting too many wrong interactions
    • 9.33% average interaction rate which is awesome! 
    • 8.15% increase in the cost per click
      • this is also good because you were severely underbidding these terms in the way the account settings were structured
  • Galapagos Budget
    • 459.14% increase in the interaction rate
      • this is a really good sign that new ads are helping
    • 21% decrease in the cost per click
      • getting more clicks for cheaper is always awesome to see 
  • Galapagos & Amazon
    • Significantly dropped interaction but that’s because the targeted keywords rarely get searched at all
    • could use this campaign’s budget for another campaign
  • Waita Lodge
    • 55% increase in the interaction rate 
    • 22% decrease in the cost per click
    • 475% increase in contact page visits
      • the adjustments to the ads seem to be working very well 


Website Data 

  • Ecuatraveling
    • Conversion rate (thank you page visits) has increased from .8% to 1% suggesting these improvements are effective 
      • 51% decrease in users helped this because it’s only the right traffic visiting the site
      • I admittedly would like to see a higher number but with the noticeable jump in engagement I’m not as concerned 
    • 176% increase in time spent on the website
    • 84% increase in engaged sessions per user
    • 50% increase in events per session
    • 76% increase in the engagement rate 
    • These are some amazing improvements to see!!! It means that users are engaging with the website after clicking the ads which wasn’t the case prior. 
  • Waita Lodge
    • The conversion rate (contact page visits) has increased from 16% to 25% suggesting these improvements are effective
      • I will be switching for future reports to track thank you page visits  
    • 60% increase in visitors 
    • 59% increase in time spent on the website
    • 17% increase in engaged sessions per user
    • 9% increase in the engagement rate 
    • These are also really positive indicators of improvement. 

I will continue to monitor the performances of these campaigns and track which campaigns are working best.

It doesn’t hurt to mention another potential option for PPC campaigns in the future. I am personally a huge fan of Social Media Remarketing. I often see the best results remarketing on social media compared to using Google Display ads. Since we deactivated the Google Display campaigns, this would be the next step for implementing anything new into the marketing mix. 

How Social Media Remarketing works is that you show ads to people who have already visited the website, and shown interest but didn’t proceed forward. The reason why this strategy works so well is that sometimes it typically takes multiple interactions to get certain types of users to convert.

Reaching them again on social media is an additional touchpoint. This other touchpoint is an opportunity to sell them something else that they might be interested instead. For example, they might be searching for a cruise on Google but the remarketing ads can highlight other trips like the day tours.  It’s best when all your marketing channels can work together. It also doesn’t hurt to leverage your social media strength with this option. 

I also wanted to bring your attention to automations in case you wanted to focus the next major project on something different than marketing. Automations are designed to make managing your business simpler by automating routine processes. Automations can even improve your existing marketing efforts. 

I’m curious about what you guys are using for software to manage your business. Do you use a CRM to keep track of all your potential customers? Are you utilizing automated follow-ups for people who don’t respond back? How often are you scheduling appointments manually? These are some things to consider and ways I can help in addition to marketing.

I have some clients who are using Zapier to save themselves 40+ hours a month in routine work. If this isn’t something that you’re utilizing yet, it’s definitely something you should. If you are using Zapier then send over access to the account so I can keep an eye on it for you! 


Here is a recap as well as things to consider for the future based on the data analyzed.

  • AdWords is showing signs of improvement since the changes made
    • Users are more engaged than ever
    • Conversion rates have slightly increased
    • Not enough time has passed to accurately access this comparison of before/after
      • there’s an added challenge of limited data to compare 
  • Websites are appearing to show decent stats, will be interesting to compare the difference in future quarters 
  • SEO also appears to show decent stats
    • I need access to Google Search Console 
  • Social Media can always be leveraged for retargeting ads 
  • Missing access to Google MyBusiness 
    • Waita Lodge looks like it needs to be optimized still 
    • Please share access with 
  • Expand your marketing channels
    • Social Media Remarketing
    • Email Campaigns
      • These are free
    • Incentivized referrals 
  • Blog as much as possible for relevant keywords
  • Automate more of your processes if you’re not currently doing this
    • Make sure you’re using technology to help strengthen your business
  • Existing Google Ads
    • Stop the Galapagos & Amazon campaign
    • Increase daily budgets by at least double if not triple to increase the effectiveness
      • Or prioritize which campaigns are higher priority to allocate more of a budget to
      • if we wait to collect more data we can access which campaigns are the best performing to keep around