Things That Are Going Well

I want to start this report recognizing all things you are doing well from my perspective. Digital marketing is more than just advertising, it’s understanding the entire customer journey. Every bit of the user experience plays into something like SEO, Google Ads, and more. 

Excellent Imagery

I have to say looking at your online presence, it is refreshing for me to see. I would say your project photos are above average for the industry. The content has some substance to it.

This is definitely one of your greatest strengths so I hate to see it be so underutilized. It looks like your last FB post was from 2022.

Great Foundation

For the most part you have a great foundation across your digital channels. A little more intentional strategy behind them all is going to help you take everything to the next level. You're not starting from square one which is a good sign.


This is something I rarely ever get to see utilized and it makes me really happy you have this feature on your website. Accessibility is becoming more important with websites so you are ahead of the curve.

My Top Observations

These are the top things I identified in my analysis of your digital presence that should be taken into consideration.

Luckily, just enough phrases are being searched in your vicinity. You’re on the lower end of searches for an urban area and there isn’t a lot of keyword variety but there is enough of it. Unfortunately, the cost per bid is on the higher side for the keywords that are being searched regularly. You have digital viability but it’s competitive.


Something important to note is that when I’m looking at keyword viability is that it’s a combination of all the areas you service. This is going to be skewed by the urban and rural areas of Ada County. In my keyword research, keywords including the city “boise” receive a lot more monthly searches.

It’s important to keep this data back in the back of your mind when we talk about opportunities. Those opportunities exist when talking about your entire service area. The same opportunities might not exist when we refine our location targeting.

Search Volume

The general terms such as painters near me and interior painters near me, are too costly to bid on ($14 – $36) to warrant any real attention or focus. The most important thing to keep in mind is little to no searches with “Meridian” in them. 

There is opportunity for the keyword “interior painting” with the cost to bid only being at most $4, but it is only getting an average of 40 monthly searches. This is the same for the keywords “exterior painting” with an average monthly search of 50 and a cost for bid of $7 on the high side. But the most important thing to keep in mind is that these keywords are cheaper for a reason. They don’t necessarily express purchasing intent. 

Cabinet painting, deck staining, and power washing all receive very low monthly searches. Another thing to note here is that within the little searches happening, it is showing more “information gathering” searched compared to “purchasing intent.” Information-gathering searches are great opportunities for blog content or entry-retargeting strategies.

Power washing searches have higher monthly searches compared to deck staining and fence staining, but the cost to bid is still high.

Here are your most searched relevant keywords. These are included with the average monthly searches:

  • boise house painters 260
  • house painters near me 210
  • pressure washing near me 50
  • exterior painting 50
  • dry wall repair near me 20
  • interior painters near me 20

These searches can be taken advantage of with AdWords or SEO, if you decide that is something you want to do. 

You can see a full report of this data here.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that there are low-medium average monthly searches and the cost for bid on most general terms are too costly. 

Fun fact “mountain west painting” gets 10 average monthly searches! It’s a good sign for a brand if they get enough searches for Google to pick up on this. 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is  a term used for paying to get to the front page of Google.

When looking at your Hibu account, I noticed there were a lot of problematic things going on such as:

  • You do not have very good SEO on your website 
    • (I don’t necessarily know what you’re paying for but a lot of people are paying for SEO services, this would be better to discuss together)
  • You have a hidden blog page with no content on it
    • This is hurting SEO because blog content can be very helpful for SEO purposes
  • You have a very low profile performance based on keyword analysis 
    • Ideally, I would like to see “near me” searches be included in the keyword performance for the ads you’re paying for since those are the most important keywords in your market You have a low click thru rate of 1.55% which I would like to see higher
        • Cost per click is about $5.57, which isn’t too bad
  • Your paying money for the keywords “cabinet refacing” but you advertise only “cabinet refinishing” on your website
  • Your Ad spend isn’t the best
    • Display ads are not always worth it
  • Weak ads relate to the lack of profile performance 
    • I’d rate the ad copy C+ 
      • Google Ads don’t need to state obvious things like “check out our service pages or call us now” 
      • Facebook Ads are a block of text and the all white scheme makes the selling point of the image hard to distinguish (should pop more) 
  • You are also targeting a market of people 18-24 years old, which makes me wonder why?
    • Not many people in this age bracket are looking for your types of services

Most importantly, I think your Google Ads could be better managed, especially in an account under your ownership. The high amount of refacing keywords and low amount of Boise keywords raises concerns for me. 

If you’re paying for SEO services, stop immediately because they’re not doing even the bare necessties for it. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term for how websites appear in Google’s search results. SEO is a complex beast made up of a bunch of factors like:

  • Content available
  • Keyword relevancy
  • Domain authority
  • Backlinks
  • Citations
  • Page speed
  • Mobile optimization
  • & more!

A search of “painters near me” from Meridian shows that most of your competition are other local competitors, franchises, and contractor directory services. Your business did not come up at all on the first google search page for those keywords.  A search for “painters near me” from Boise  shows your Google My Business did appear in the organic results. Typically the SEO is so competitive that contractors struggle to appear in these search results organically. That’s excellent to see that you’re appearing even without an address connected to your profile. 

Your existing website SEO is lacking. You have a domain authority of 6/100, rank for mostly fence-staining keywords, and have ~230 backlinks established. 

Since local citations (aspect of GMB) count as backlinks, this is the easiest opportunity to go after. Here is a resource to check your citations. You can always use a paid citation management service for one month to ensure all these citations are established. 

One of the best ways to improve your website SEO is blogging. Blogging is a great way to get in front of information-gathering services while your landing pages can target the most searched purchasing-intent keywords.

I don’t normally recommend SEO as a serious focus due to other lower-hanging fruit available, but after looking into your market and the high cost to bid on phrases, I think SEO should be a thought for the future. It’s truly a long-term investment which leads me to might next point.  I do want to mention that I have a concern that SEO might be irrelevant in 3-5 years with the way AI and search algorithms are headed. It just appears to be your biggest opportunity at this time due to the competitive nature of AdWords. It would be worth reassessing this statement ~1 year from now but a few blogs here and there never hurt. 

Google MyBusiness is similar to SEO however I’d argue it’s more important since it’s higher in the search results compared to organic listings. 

I wanted to take some time to analyze your GMB profile separately from your website. It was a bit of a challenge to find it oddly enough, there’s a profile in Littleton, CO that has a good chance of pulling up before yours for someone searching out of state.  ( A bit odd to see) 

Looking at your GMB, I do not see your address connected to it. To get the most out of this profile, an address needs to be connected to it. (I can’t even use my tool to check its ranking performance because of this. ) However, due to the fact you rank in Boise instead of Meridan, this has me consider it being a good thing for the first time ever. If you connected your home address to it you might lose out in that organic ranking factor to rank higher in Boise. Wherever you connect your address too is where the profile will have the highest chance of appearing. 

GMB is a proximity-based service which is why an address is so detrimental. Without an address, Google is going to prioritize most other profiles that do have one. Luckily for you, your competition doesn’t have an address tied to their profiles either. 

To get the most out of this resource, you need utilize all aspects of your MyBusiness profile as much as possible. 

  • Consistently get reviews and respond to them (photos are a plus)
  • Create local citations
  • Geotag photos and upload them on a routine basis
  • Take advantage of the posts feature
  • Fill out all the information sections and incorporate keywords in them 
  • “Ask” your profile questions related to popular keywords and answer them

I noticed that your HIBU report mentions listing and GMB management but it’s not translating to relevant traffic. The only keyword that your profile ranks for regularly is “painters 83714.”

Your website has the right foundation, which is the most important component. However, there can be improvements to make it more exciting and engaging. Here are my concerns with your existing website: 

A lot of business owners don’t realize how little people engage with a website (even the best sites) so every aspect of the user experience matters. In most cases, users are leaving within 10 seconds of visiting a site. The ones that stick around are spending on average between 1-2 minutes and browsing at most 3 pages of a site. 

I noticed that people are spending very little time on your pages, and the backend of your website does not show the bounce rates or if they are going to other pages. 

Here are my other concerns with your existing website: 

Front End

  • No links to social media like your Facebook account
  • The site does not appear to keep “mobile-first” in mind
    • Sticky header gets in the way
  • “About” page has a lot of missing information for section headings that signify that there should be information being shown (see screenshot)
  • Would love to see more photos on each service page
    • Great to see a before/after slider at least 
  • Sticky header gets in the way on desktop
    • Plenty of pathways that a sticky header really isn’t necessary
  • Would like to see faces or crew shots on about page
  • Recommend a form or booking calendar directly on your contact page 
  • Overall design/layout feels clunky and clausterphobic 

Unique Selling Propositions

The USPs you’ve listed on the DSG checklist are 
  • Free touch ups for as long as the customer lives in the home
  • Top tier paint from Sherman Williams
  • No sub contractors 
Unfortunately, I would not consider the second or third very unique. These are expectations someone has when reaching out to a professional painting company. If I’m hiring a professional I would expect that they’re doing all these things. USPs are where you put your money where your mouth is. Every painter says these things but not everyone backs it up! 
Unique selling propositions are an opportunity to play to your strengths. What I ask every client of mine is, “How do you want your company to be remembered.” You can then create your USP that way. Examples are:
  • Cleanliness
    • “We hire a cleaning crew if we leave your home a mess.”
  • Flexible Schedule
    • “You can pick any date you want to start or it’s $100 off the total cost.”

Free touch ups for life is a great one though, that’s an excellent selling point that you don’t need to many more but just know to lead with that instead of the others. 

Back End

  • On your website report, it isn’t telling us accurate relevant traffic numbers
    • I would like to see your website traffic for your specific location
    • Numbers shown mean nothing in my opinion because it includes every search from the World Wide Web, not specific to your area
      • It appears they are hiding bounce rates as well 
  • Little time spent on pages
    • Again the bounce rate isn’t shown
  • Sad to see there isn’t Google Analytics set up or Google Search Console 

In my professional opinion, social media is one of the more important digital marketing channels for you to embrace, especially with your lacking SEO and high cost to bid for SEM. I’d love to see more consistency in your posting schedule, specifically on Facebook. The last one I see is from a literal year ago…

I couldn’t find an Instagram account for your business, but this could be a great opportunity for networking on there. Ultimately, I’d love to see one post a week on FB from you and boost the top-performing post of the month.

On top of that, some time and focus should be spent on building a local following. I’d recommend partnering with a local business like a bakery or raffling off a free accent wall. The objective is that you need to grow your FB audience to 1,000 people in your service area. 

I’d also love to see more content variety in what you post. Before and afters are the holy grail in terms of content but everyone knows variety is the spice of life! Here are some examples:

  1. Before and Afters (photos)
  2. Finished Projects (photos, videos, lives) 
  3. Featured Testimonials and Experiences (graphics, videos)
  4. Company Updates (photos, videos, graphics, lives)
  5. On-Going Projects (videos, lives)
  6. Sharing Professional Insight (graphics, videos, lives)
  7. Behind-The-Scenes (photos, lives)
  8. Community Events (photos, videos, lives)
  9. Pets On-Site (photos, videos)
  10. Funny Things

If you are planning to use IG, I highly recommend embracing IGTV, stories, guides, and especially Reels more often. There’s an incentive for IG’s algorithm to push this content as they try and market these newer features of their platform.

You can use FB/IG to target certain audiences like website visitors for example. This is another paid strategy to get in front of more potential customers.

You can find a detailed social media guide for painters created by me here! 

Where To Start

There is so much that goes into digital marketing that you’re probably wondering where to get started. Here are my recommendations split by priority level. 

  • Set up a schedule for tending to your profiles (social, GMB, website, etc)
    • Boost posts in your local area on social media
  • Include your address on the GMB profile
    • Only if you can get an address where you want clients from 
  • Continue getting such great reviews
  • Implement basic edits to the website outlined above
  • Understand the importance of content hierarchy and optimize your site 
  • Consistently set up negative keywords for your search campaigns
  • Advertise more for power washing services
  • Retarget website visitors with social advertisements
  • Search engine optimize the pages on your website
    • Create a blog to leverage SEO strength
  • Utilize video for your social media
  • Fill out your Google MyBusiness as much as possible
  • Have a professional videographer document your projects 
  • Look into traditional advertising options like post cards and flyers
  • Consider a site tuneup with better content
  • Create a monthly or quarterly email newsletter 
  • Develop more Unique Selling Propositions